Rules & FAQ's: 

These rules are in place for everyone's safety. Disobey and you will be disqualified and out of the race with no refund.


Course Marking: The course will be marked with bush markers (colored ribbon on trees and bushes). Markers will be put up heavily at all trail intersections. When necessary there will be arrow signs indicating which direction to go. The commonly used sign of 3 arrows pointing down indicates DANGER. Please slow down and be ready for anything when danger signs are present. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. 


  • Support: Other than the event provided feed zones, each rider must carry everything they need for mechanical or any other purpose. Other riders are permitted to assist competitors only if the assistance they provide does not prevent the assisting rider from completing the event.

  • MINIMUM MANDATORY GEAR: Each rider is required to have the following supplies at a minimum to start each day's race except for the time trial. This list includes what we believe to be the minimum to keep you safe in the high altitude environment. Storms can roll in and out of this environment very quickly causing extreme fluctuations in temperatures within a short period of time. Gear checks will be made at rider check in and random checks at the starting line each day.    


      • Helmet, wind/rain jacket, tool kit. (tool kit must contain spare tube, a multi tool, chain tool, tire levers, tire pump, spare chain link, spare derailleur hanger. Make sure you know how to use your CO2 pumps, chain tools, etc.) 

  • Center-line Rule: The "center-line rule" (ride to the right of the road) is always in effect. This applies to both paved and dirt road sections of the course excluding jeep tracks. Please ride as far right as possible whenever on roads.

  • Traffic Rule: Expect local traffic on course at any time. Including ATV's, livestock, spectators, etc. Rules of the road apply at all times.

  • Helmets: Riders must wear helmet any time while riding their bike while in Lincoln County.

  • Littering: Any reported intentional or negligent littering will result in disqualification. 

  • Public Urination: Any public urination or exposure within view of the general public or on the property of local residents or businesses will result in disqualification. When in wilderness areas do NOT go to the bathroom near water sources. USE available PORT-A-POTTIES whenever possible.

  • Profanity: Verbal abuse towards ANYONE will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.

  • Results: Protest of stage results must be reported within 30 minutes of the posting of the results. Absolutely no changes as a result of protests will be permitted after the start of the following stage.  All data and proof supporting protests or complaints regarding results will be managed as fairly and equitably as possible. Final decisions on all protests will be decided by unanimous decision of the race director, race timer and the designated rider liaison.

  • Basics: Be smart and don't cause problems for anyone and most importantly don't give myself, our race, or our sport a bad name with the locals! The locals know who we are and everyone is expected to be on their best behavior. 

  • Basics: Have fun and ride within your limits. Each rider's safety is very important to us but is each rider's personal responsibility. No race or finishing place is worth risking your neck over.

Cut-off Times:

  • Cut-off locations will be shown on course maps. Cut-off times will be announced for each stage and strictly enforced for the safety of each participant. EMT's, race officials, and law enforcement may prohibit riders from continuing on the course at this point or any other time if the rider is judged to be incapable of safely continuing. 

  • Riders not capable of returning to the finishing area will be transferred by event staff or medical personnel. 

  • Our organization reserves the right to remove anyone from the event that is deemed unable to safely finish the course for any reason. Those riders will be marked as "DNF" (Did Not Finish). No refunds, we just saved your bacon.

  • If you don't make the cut-off time or don't complete any stage of the race for any reason, DO NOT go under the finish line as you will mess up our results! Contact our race timers by text message to inform them that you did not finish. Please provide your name, category, and race number. message them at (801-XXX-XXXX). 

Friends and Family:

  • Friends and family for all racers are required to post their racer's number in their car window. This will help us locate them if needed in case of an emergency and allows race and local officials to know who is with the event.

  • Friends and family are required to follow any of the above, applicable rules along with all rules of the road. They are required to follow directions of all local police, officials and race staff. Failure to follow requests will result in time penalties or disqualification of their affiliated racers and the driver will be subject to citation by local police dependent on the situation.

  • Friends and family will not be allowed to drive dirt sections of the course unless otherwise indicated. Note that signage will be posted where friends and family can most safely access the course and racers.

  • The safety of all spectators is their own responsibility.​